Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Keeping Our Cool During Crazy Sales

This has been a big week for online retailers. From Black Friday through Cyber Monday and with Small Business Saturday in-between our clients have been experiencing record traffic and sales. To get a peek at what this week has meant for them, we prepared this short update. A little hint about how it went: over 50% increase in conversion rate on average and ROI that went through the roof for our clients!

Here at Proonto it was a majorly busy week for us too as our associates worked round the clock to provide a smooth shopping experience despite the frenzy. Associates were proactive and accessible at every point in the shoppers’ experience. By monitoring visitors’ journeys and actions on the site, associates knew exactly when to approach visitors and how to guide each customer through the funnel from arrival to final purchase in a way that helped both our clients and for their customers.

If you’re asking yourself HOW, here are some examples: for one of our clients, a nationally known women’s shoe brand in the U.S., our associates were able to inform shoppers that shoes they were interested were running low in stock for certain sizes, thus prompting shoppers to make their purchase before it was too late and encouraging a higher conversion rate. For another client, a jewelry maker in the Netherlands, our associates helped many customers who were choosing items for a spouse or significant other make the perfect choice based on gaining an understanding of what the recipients’ tastes were. A few of our clients experienced technical difficulties following the huge rise in traffic, or in their checkout processes, but luckily our associates were on the scene to address the issues, capture visitor details and safely secure backend orders. VIP customers expected and wanted more and with our help, they got it. In evaluating feedback and reviews, it’s clear that these clients were thrilled with the tailored service they received. The positive reviews that they left on our clients’ sites attesting to this will bolster their position in the VIP market.

We wanted to know exactly what kind of impact our presence makes, so we measured it! We compared the metrics for versions of our clients’ sites which were not manned by our associates with those that were by using a control group of web visitors who were not approached proactively by an associate.

What we found was that our conversations led to a significant rise in conversion rates.


The data is clear, Proonto sites simply sailed through this first holiday crunch. With results of close to $500,000 in sales pushed through by Proonto associates this past weekend alone, we can say with confidence that our comprehensive system of customer interaction offers our clients an incredible ROI.

We’re ready to take on the rest of the holiday season! Are you?



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