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How To Survive Your First Re - Platforming
Oct 21

It often happens that retailers inevitably come to the conclusion that their current platform cannot keep up with competition and customers’ expectations & needs. That’s when they begin to consider re-platforming.

To help our readers fully understand what re-platforming is exactly, when one needs to start considering it and what is the best way to do it, I sat down with one of the field’s experts, Mr John Costello. John gave me and thus you, all the info you need to make the right and educated decisions when it comes to replatforming.

How to Use Live Chat to Increase Sales
Jun 8

“Having a live chat software on your website never promises it will be easy and profitable to man it. Also, the big promise that comes with live chat to increase conversion is out of reach for many merchants”
Can you identify with this statement? Well, you are definitely not the only one!
Proonto’s COO Yoel Feldman, sat down with Kunle Campbell from 2X eCommerce and explained all about how Proonto faces these challenges.
Yoel explains how every eCommerce business, with any kind of budget, can staff and operate a live chat software in the most profitable and convenient way.
Can you identify with this statement? Well, you are definitely not the only one!

Why Virtual Team Building is So Popular
May 28

Higher levels of expertise, cost effectiveness, efficiency- these are just some of the reasons virtual team (VT) building has become so popular in the last ten years.
But despite the clear benefits, there are still aspects of VT that prevent businesses from choosing it.

However, we at Proonto believe that with creativity and hard work, a solution can be found to every problem and challenge.
In the list below we confronted the most known challenges of virtual team building and most importantly- how we solve them.

Mar 12

Imagine walking into an average sized brick and mortar store.

You walk in confidently as you know exactly what you want.

But after walking around for a few minutes, you begin to feel frustrated because you just can’t find what you’re looking for. There are so many options, models and colors that you begin to feel a bit overwhelmed.
However, the thing that annoys you most is that there are no salespeople around offering to help you with your purchase.
So naturally, you exit the store with no intention of ever coming back.

Sound harsh right? Well, when you don’t staff your online store with qualified sales and customer service associates it’s kind of the same deal.

Don’t get me wrong, there are substantial differences between a brick and mortar store to an online one, but why should having qualified personal be a privilege only physical stores get to enjoy?

Don’t you think online stores should be able to offer their customers the same friendly, personalized and efficient service as brick and mortar stores do?

18 Tips to Rock Your Next Video Chat
Jan 8

Would you be surprised to know that the world’s first video chat was conducted way back in 1936?
Of course it was nothing like the video chat we know today, but nevertheless, that’s where it started. That’s when people first realized the emotional and practical power live video chat has.
Even though the video chat we use today is much more advanced, the basic idea stays the same; eye contact generates trust.

That’s why in the past few years we’ve been seeing more and more eCommerce businesses using live video chat to communicate with their customer. Live video chat simulates a physical store front and gives the customer the possibility to speak to a real person.