What extra Value will Magento 2 Bring to the Table

Magento 2 has only been used by a very small number of merchants so far, and still has a great many bugs to be fixed before it’s a stable and mainstream platform. There are also only a relatively small number of extensions available for the Magento 2 environment so far, but there are many new features and enhancements to be on the lookout for when it does come of age. So if you’re trying to understand the differences between Magento 1 and Magento 2, here are some of the most noteworthy additions that for the moment, you’ll only find out-of-the-box in Magento 2:

  • Verified Extensions – The Magento team is hard at work to provide a layer of quality control for 3rd party extensions for Magento 2. This won’t ensure that an extension is perfect, but it should cut down on the number of duds that you may need to deal with, whereas Magento Connect is still riddled with poorly developed extensions.
  • Faster Checkout – The Magento 1 environment comes with a multi-step checkout, in which you need to submit a shipping and billing addresses, select a shipping carrier, and fill out credit card information as individual steps. Magento 2 provides a checkout page with fewer clicks to help shoppers make a purchase more efficiently, with fewer abandoned carts. They’ve also added features for recognizing existing customers at the beginning of the checkout, and having shoppers register for an account at the end, creating a more logical flow for efficient checkouts.
  • Gateway Support – While Magento 1.x supported a more limited number of credit card gateways out-of-the-box, Magento 2 supports Braintree in the Magento CE and both WorldPay and CyberSource in EE.
  • A Fresh Face – Magento 2 includes new pre-installed themes, and a new admin panel look and feel which promises more efficiency for store owners.
  • Product Setup – With Magento 1.x, creating and editing products used the same interface. Magento 2 now includes a product creation tool to help admins add new items more quickly and efficiently.
  • API Calls – Magento 2 supports additional API calls for sales taxes, promotions, and shipping addresses.
  • Quality Assurance –  Magento 2 provides solutions for automated testing to help identify if your unique coding and other storefront adjustments may have problems running effectively or efficiently.
  • Better Performance – Magento 2 includes many efficiency improvements, such as for the handling of large numbers of simultaneous admin users working in Magento’s admin panel at the same time.
  • Hosting Speed Optimization Technology – Magento 2 has new enhancements to take better advantage of technologies like PHP v.7, Varnish, and Redis, as well as standalone databases for various data sets, allowing large merchants to allocate unique hosting resources for order, product, and checkout data.
  • Developer Speed Optimization Technology – Magento 2 includes features to compress images, enhance the utilization of browser caching, and bundle and minimize JavaScript coding.
  • Security Enhancements – Magento 2 forces admins to choose stronger passwords and makes it possible to set limits on bad password attempts in order to avoid brute force attacks.

There are also some new Magento Enterprise only features, including the option to procure cloud hosting directly from the Magento team. In addition EE users will benefit from ElasticSearch as well as having the ability to preview and schedule updates to categories, products, and promotions. The ability to schedule and preview updates will allow merchants to visually review content and price adjustments in advance of a seasonal change to a site, or a sale.

About the Author: Robert Rand acts as the Chief E-commerce Strategist for the Rand Marketing team. Robert has almost a decade of experience with a wide range of E-commerce platforms, including Magento. He’s also an expert in technologies and services that support E-commerce, from digital marketing, to hosting, to merchant services. If your business needs help identifying the right version of Magento, or comparing other E-commerce platforms, contact robert and the  Rand Marketing team. They can provide a complimentary initial consultation, as well as more in-depth consultation and service to help grow your business online



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