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Mar 5

We are all familiar with the ‘dry’ definition of Customer Experience. We all know that it is the sum of all interactions a customer has with a brand across all channels and at various touch points. We have also learned that the experience is defined by the customers and their memories from the entire process.

However, knowing what is considered a good customer experience does not assure that one knows how to provide it.
Creating a good customer experience means understanding and nurturing each and every touch point, which means that the quality of the experience depends on many variables.

So what touch points are important to your customers, and how can you make sure they have everything your customers want?

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9 Ways to Effectively Manage and Grow Your Affiliate Program
Feb 12

This week on our guest blog post, Digital Marketing Entrepreneur and Consultant Evan Weber explains all there is to know about Affiliate Programs and how to utilize them best.
Launching an affiliate program can be a great idea for ecommerce websites to increase traffic and sales through a large diversity of traffic sources.
Affiliate marketing has been around for more than 10 years and really just started as a way to compensate traffic referrers who were sending business through to various types of websites. It has steadily evolved with various affiliate networks and tracking platforms into a huge channel in the commerce industry.
So what should you do as a merchant or advertiser looking to launch into affiliate marketing?

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Self customer service and live support as the future of customer service
Feb 4

For some reason, we have a constant fascination about the future. We desire to know what will happen, when and how- and no matter what, we just can’t get enough.
If you go through the pages of history you will see numerous examples of famous people trying to predict the future. Granted, some of them turned out to be true and some completely off track, but in both cases these predictions affected our lives and the choices we made, and still make.

One of these predictions, which has been seen and heard almost everywhere this past year, is the one claiming that in 2030, 50% of the jobs we know today will disappear. The main cause for this predicament is and will continue to be the technological progress and the automation of jobs.
So how is this going to affect us?

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The Best Advice We've Ever Heard About Customer Relationship
Jan 22

This week on our interview series, I had the pleasure of speaking with Guy Levin, a B2B sales strategist, about the importance of the relationships we build with our customers. Over the years, Guy has gained a lot of experience in communicating and dealing with different types of customers. Throughout his career he has learned what customers want to hear and what they expect to get in return to their loyalty and money.

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The Modern Sales Associate - Rules & Guidelines
Jan 13

Being a sales associate in this day and age can be a rather challenging task.
On the one hand, you face customers that are impatient than ever and other hand they still demand impeccable service throughout their shopping journey.
So what’s left for us sales associates, is to understand how we can provide excellent service and make sure our customers leave our site/ store satisfied and with the full intention to come back.

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A Few Tips That Will Help you Find The Best Sales Associate
Jan 11

In the past 13 years, Keren Rubenstein has hired hundreds of salespeople, so by now she knows exactly what to look for in a candid and what qualities will lead a salesperson to greatness.
We asked her what are the ‘must have’ qualities in a potential salesperson and what would make her hire someone to be a part of her team.

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