Optimizing Your Online Store for Conversions

Promoting and advertising your online store takes a lot of time, effort and resources. You need to have great visuals, copy and ability to reach your target audience in the right place and time. All these efforts can be wasted if your online store isn’t optimized for conversions, especially for new website visitors. If you don’t create a positive impression within a few seconds you may lose that potential new customer forever. To keep new website visitors engaged, browse your products and ultimately make a purchase you need to make sure your online store is optimized for conversions.

Create a good user experience

Begin by creating a good user experience. This includes an easy to use navigation, product search, filter and sort features, design, and a quick and easy checkout process. The whole objective with creating a good user experience is getting the website visitor to accomplish what they are there to accomplish with as minimum amount of steps possible.

Consistent and high quality imagery

Nothing says unprofessional online store like a poor use of imagery. If you can’t show your products in the best possible light, how can a customer expect your products to be of any good quality? When showcasing your product, use high quality images and just as important make sure you have a consistent style. If your product shots have a white background, keep it that way for all the products. Don’t mix it up. When customers view the product category pages they want to quickly see the products in a nicely organized way, with consistent imagery.

Copy that speaks to personas

It’s very tempting to use product description provided by the manufacturer, but feel free to get creative with your copy. Write your product description with your ideal customer in mind. Help them envision themselves using the product, problems it will solve and/or enhance their life.

Mobile-first website experience

Most of the website traffic now comes from mobile devices. Buying journey not only begins on a smartphone but also finishes on it. Your online store needs to be mobile friendly from the start and work on all smartphones. A good user experience is even more critical on mobile devices because of smaller screen size, cpu power and slower internet speeds on cellular networks. The mobile version of your online store needs to load fast, be able to show all the relevant information to help facilitate a purchase and finally an easy checkout process.

Don’t fire multiple popups

Have you ever visited an online and before you had chance to scroll down you got hit with a popup with no ‘X’ anywhere to be seen? And then when you found it, you got a pull down banner from the top, then all of a sudden you got blasted with notification that Mary, John and Sally all just bought something. I’ve seen many sites like this. They are a huge turn off for new visitors. When used correctly, popups are an effective tool in promoting specials, capturing emails and helping website visitors accomplish their goals. You need to be thoughtful and strategic about what popup you choose to fire and when. Show popups that add value, like customer support or pre-purchase chats or a well timed exit offers.

Show reviews

No marketing tactic is more powerful than a word-of-mouth, but testimonials come very close. Testimonials are a big influencer in purchase decisions. Whether you have review or not, potential customers will go out of their way to browse other sites for reviews. Why risk the chance of having them leave your site, collect testimonials starting with the your very first customer. Then showcase ratings and reviews on your product and other high value pages.

Add badges to build trust

Lastly, you can quickly build trust by listing all trust badges you have earned or services implemented on your website. If you have a great BBB rating, display it. If you accept all major credit cards, show your website visitors. If you offer additional online payment processing options such as PayPal or Authorize.net show their badges. And definitely do not forget to showcase badges provided by your online security provider.
There are many things you can do to optimize your online store for conversions, but begin with the basics above before you implement more advanced elements and tactics.

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